Mold Testing Services

During a mold inspection, an inspector will determine if mold testing will be needed and recommended to provide an accurate mold analysis report and mold remediation estimate. This is appropriate because there are many species of molds that can present themselves with variations of colors, patterns, and formations.

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Specific types of molds will require professional remediation, while others may just need to be cleaned from the surface with normal house cleaning materials. Mold Testing will help determine whether professional remediation is necessary or not.


Lab Certified Mold Testing

Home Pro offers lab certified Mold Air Sample Tests, Site Specific Mold Swab Test, and Mold Air Wall Cavity Testing. Each type of mold test has specific reasons to be used and your inspector will help determine the best method of mold testing that will help provide the most accurate identification of the mold at the area of concern.

Mold Sample: Air Sample
$50.00 per sample

Mold air samples are collected using an air pump machine that draws air into a clear cassette collected at 15 liters per minute over a five-minute period. As the air passes through the cassette, spores are collected by a clear tape inside the cassette. After the sample is complete, the cassette is taken to a certified laboratory to be evaluated under a microscope. This type of mold test is best utilized in situations where mold growth is not yet visible, but signs and symptoms of mold infestations are occurring. To determine the level of mold spores in the tested area, a baseline air sample is taken from the exterior of the home. This helps to determine the normal amount of mold spores in your specific location compared to what spores are present at the tested area of concern.

Mold Sample: Site Specific Swab Sample
$50.00 per sample

Home Pro performs site specific mold tests in accordance with ASTM Standard D7789-12 using Healthlink Transporter swabs. The sample is collected on site and taken to the laboratory where the mold Test can be analyzed under the microscope. This type of Mold test is best utilized where visual mold growth has appeared on the building materials inside the home.

Mold Sample: Air Wall Cavity Sample
$75.00 per sample

In certain situations, mold can be growing inside inaccessible wall voids. To determine if mold is present Air Cavity testing can be done without risk of the spreading the mold spores to the rest of the home by opening a wall without containment procedures in place. To perform a wall cavity test, the inspector will drill a 3/8” hole into the drywall and insert a tube which is connected to the mold air sample cassette. The sample will be taken at 15L per minute for one minute and analyzed at a certified laboratory.